Construction Management

The success of any building construction project relies heavily on effective leadership and demonstrated project management skills. Hiring a construction manager can take this weight of responsibility off of the building owner. A construction manager’s duty is to ensure all aspects of the construction process go smoothly from start to finish.

Bauch Enterprises offers exceptional full-service construction management services in the Twin Cities metro area. We have a depth of contractor relationships and a stellar reputation among the trades. From pre-construction planning through the final walk through, we manage every component of construction on your behalf to ensure the entire process goes according to plan, including the schedule and budget.

Our Process

Construction management is one of the most intense and exciting services offered by Julie at Bauch Enterprises. It is a complex process involving multiple steps:

  • Pre-Construction Meeting
    We start the process by meeting with you (the building owner) and all agencies and organizations involved in the process in order to communicate the requirements and expectations of the construction project. At this initial pre-construction meeting, we will work together to develop a cost and schedule consensus, as well as design and construction objectives.
  • Preparation
    Next we will prepare a request for proposal on your behalf, and review and consult with you on contractor responses. If the construction teams experience any permitting or design issues, we will also assist with that during this stage.
  • Construction
    During the construction phase, we provide administrative, management, and related services to coordinate contractors.
  • Throughout the duration of the project, we will also:
    • Update you on budget, schedule, and performance of the contractors.
    • Maintain accounting records for authorized work performed.
    • Develop cash flow and forecasts.
    • Implement procedures for the review and negotiation of change orders, applications for progress, and final payments.
  • Post-Construction
    After work is completed, we will conduct a final walk through, assisting the engineers and contractors as they walk you and your maintenance technicians through the building. This final step ensures that you and your technicians understand how to operate and maintain the building.

Most construction projects are fast-paced and held to tight deadlines. As an experienced construction manager, Julie at Bauch Enterprises possesses excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively lead a diverse team of designers, architects, and tradesmen. For more information about Bauch Enterprises’ construction management services, contact us today!


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